• A Day With Edem Kumodzi Of Andela

  • 5th July 2017

  • “Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.” Are we ready to go the extra mile to solve problems that affect us? Are we willing to go all in to learn new things or we would hope that others will do that on our behalf?  “I didn’t become a software engineer because I enjoyed coding or grew up around computers or any of that. I became a software engineer because the problems I cared about solving required me to learn how to code.” (Kumodzi, E., 2017).

    As someone who is passionate about developing his country and for that matter Africa, Edem did not think twice about coming back to help in whichever way he could. As upcoming developers, we have been inspired to change the world in the little way we can. If we start now then we are assured of progress.We had the opportunity to have him speak to us during our third session and we were pleased to know more about the field of technology. We were inspired and motivated to do more because we are the future generation and the world depends on us.  He encouraged us saying that: “to become a creator of technology, you need to learn how to code”. In an era where technology is essential, Developers In Vogue can relate to how coding can be extremely useful in creating things.

    Edem Kumodzi is a Senior Technical Consultant at Andela and Co-Founder at StoreFoundry.  A Software Engineer, Code Evangelist, Problem Solver and a Blogger.

     This post was written by Anita Boakye-Yiadom.
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