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  • 28th June 2017

  • I’m only about a month and two weeks into the game, but I already feel like that strength-sapping, mind-boggling, and demotivating search for a defined career path is almost over.

    It may well seem like the versatile ones are at an advantage; but my inability to identify what exactly my passion is, makes the search even more sickening. Finally, I’m beginning to feel like I found that one thing that allows me to combine my creative skill with my introvert self. Save that, I get to become one of the few ladies in the field, improve my portfolio, gain an additional skill, and even work for myself if I so wish. “That must be a good idea!”, I thought. And Now Guess What? Turns out I’m getting even more than I bargained. I’m loving my new venture!

    I started taking the required preliminary courses with Codecademy in May. My initial exercises were rather simple, and pleasant. Shortly after, I would take exercises with so much enthusiasm- putting tags, elements and attributes where I thought they belonged- and after all the thinking trying to come up with an ingenious design, I move to my browser to find everything all messed up. What could the issue be? Sometimes a missing colon, or a semi colon, or some wrongly positioned inverted comma’s, or an ignored period. But why would something as tiny as a semi-colon or a period be so destructive? Well, it so happens that even the littlest things in life are indispensable. Mess with them, and they will mess you up. Mm, evenings passed, and mornings passed, and there was my first coding lesson – Pay attention to details!

    Before long, my personal tutor held me up to a task: I had to have my website functioning before the Boot Camp began (I still owe him a better assignment though). That sounded interesting! “I could call myself a developer before my formal coding classes actually started”. It was enough motivation for the possible snafus ahead! Once the difficulties had begun, I touched base with my mini-coach brother-in-Christ for assistance. Usually, he’d willingly give out all the info I needed. This time, he was a bit hesitant. “I want you to know that Google is a Developer’s best tool. Everything you need is out there”, he said. Yes, I was well aware that Google ‘answereth’ all things. But I was still too dependent on others for information. Perhaps, it saved me a lot more time. But ask me where on earth I was in a hurry to. Evenings passed, more mornings came and the days brought me my second coding Lesson – Information is free, and more credible, when you do the research yourself. Of course, it makes you more independent too. Thanks Mini Coach!

    …And now, how can I possibly have only four lines running through all the nine dots (arranged in three rows and three columns) without raising my pen? Well, that was Ivy’s instruction. I’m not telling you how that was done eventually, but I’d gladly tell you the third lesson Coding taught me – Think outside the box!

    I’m still only about a month and two weeks into the game, but I’m almost certain I’ll be sharing with you more coded lessons. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, it is almost six O’clock! Thanks for the opportunity. I’m a ‘Developer In Vogue’!’

    Source: Bambi’s Blog

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