At Developers in Vogue, we aim at creating a friendly, supportive, welcoming and safe space for women and girls to learn how to innovate with technology. At all times, members of our community and participants of our programs are required to be courteous and respectful to everyone they come into contact both online and on-site.

Aside signing our Class Policy which explicitly states how each member of our community is expected to behave at all times, everyone is required to:

1. Act ethically and professionally with partners, tutors, sponsors and colleagues in all interpersonal and professional activities

2. Treat all members, volunteers and staff with respect and dignity irrespective of social status, disability, religion, race, etc

3. Abstain from behaving in ways that would hurt, degrade or humiliate others

4. Report any instance of sexual harassment and abuse to the lead coordinator

5. Abstain from harassing other community members

6. Immediately report anyone who violates our Community Guidelines to the lead coordinator

Email us if there are any further concerns that you need addressed