Can I participate if I am not in Accra?

Sessions are a combination of on-site, online and group work. Therefore all participants should be resident in Accra to be able to participate in all sessions. Participants will be attending the sessions from their places of residence as this is not a residential programme. We are however working on extending to other areas. In order to be updated on which city we’ll be at next, please do well to subscribe to our newsletter.


Are the classes free?

The bootcamp is free for all participants. Training sessions, mentorship, career guidance and all support given to ladies are totally free. Participants are however required to pay a registration fee of GHS150 when their application is successful.


What happens if I am unable to complete course work?

When accepted, all participants are required to sign a class policy that explains the code of conduct for the programme.  In order to be a beneficiary of the other exciting offers we have for you, completion of course work is a requirement.


Are training sessions every day of the week?

On-site training sessions will be held from 1st to 28th February, 2018. This is a full-time programme – Mondays to Fridays (9am to 5pm).


What if I do not have a personal laptop?

We would be glad if you could make arrangements for a laptop for all sessions. In case you don’t have a laptop yet, still do send your application.


Is it compulsory to participate in community service projects?

The  principal indicator of our success is the impact we would be making. Developers In Vogue will be placed into various groups to come up with innovate solutions to pressing challenges in Africa. This activity will be a great way to learn an important skill every successful developer has – collaborating with other people to execute software projects.


What happens to me after the bootcamp?

We will continue to be in touch with you after the bootcamp. There will be a number of follow-up training sessions in the coming months to to fully immerse you in the community. Your mentor will also be in touch with you to support you.  If you are interested in earning money from coding, let us know.

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