• From Newbies to Tutors – Code4Girls

  • 25th September 2017

  • Developers In Vogue partnered with HapaSpace to teach senior high school students how to code under the Google CS4HS programme. We were very excited to be a part of this initiative especially because the ladies on our programme were the ones who led all the sessions. It was very inspiring to see ladies who were once newbies being able to teach the younger ones – and giving them the inspiration that anything is possible:

    “Girls trooped into the venue and had sessions in the basics of ICT, HTML and CSS. My level of enthusiasm was high as it was my first challenge to teach other girls to code. Mainly, my duty at Code4Girls was to help two girls with their coding assignments. Most of the girls were exasperated by their inability to get the codes right, but I made them know that debugging was part of the process. Due to time constraints, we had to end our exciting session but further encouraged the girls to keep practicing. They were also given resources to help them in their coding adventure. My time at Code4Girls was very resourceful and insightful. I had a nice time teaching and I would love to do it again anytime. I AM A DEVELOPER IN VOGUE!”

    ~ Victoria


    “After deciding to assist the girls during the Code4Girls training, I asked myself if I had what it takes to really help and if I will be good at teaching. As these thoughts kept running in my mind, my passion and love for coding and technology made me stick to my decision. When the session started, my colleagues and I approached the students and tried to help them fix the bugs and errors in their codes. I was shocked about the wonders that happened – there were actually no errors the students had that I could not help resolve! I was very fulfilled at the end of the day because I was part of the team that have impacted the lives of these students.  Hurray!!! I LOVE DEVELOPERS IN VOGUE!”

    ~ Rebecca


    “It was a great experience for me who served as a teaching assistant during the sessions. With the experience I had with most of the girls, I think it would be better to organize more of such trainings for girls in basic and high schools. I’m saying this because we organized this training purposely to teach girls how to code but it was sad that some of the girls didn’t even know how to use the computer. All the girls were happy meeting us because they felt there were people out there who really care about them. #LetASisterKnow”

    ~ Maame

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