• Ghana’s Women In Tech

  • 28th August 2017

  • Meltwater Entrepreneurial School Of Technology (MEST) organized Ghana’s Women In Tech – an event to celebrate the achievements of the Ghanaian women in the tech ecosystem and also to discuss how we can work together to inspire the next generation. The guest speaker for this event was Lucy Quist, CEO of Airtel Ghana.

    Jessica shares with us what she learnt at Ghana’s Women In Tech:

    ” After the guest speaker gave her inspiring talk, the women present asked questions like: ‘What were your fears of being a CEO of a multinational company?’, ‘How did you pull through?’ and many others. There was also a panel discussion on the role of women in tech.

    One of the panelists, Linda gave a serious advice. She stated that she doesn’t really fancy the whole women empowerment thing because it gives some women who are not qualified or worthy enough of the position they occupy to disappoint. Some women don’t learn enough and have the idea that because they are women, they should be given a leeway to take up management positions. This should not be our story!
    We should constantly work on ourselves to be the best. We should sit down and learn and never be afraid to take up positions and execute our roles efficiently. Linda also mentioned that when put in a team of men, we shouldn’t be the mother of the team. We should rather be the team leaders.  An instance was when someone in a team she was on passed this comment: ‘Ei..you should be cooking for us ooo’. Lol. This was because she was the only lady in the team. She told them point blank that she is not their mother and is here to work, just like them.

    In a nutshell we should take advantage of the women empowerment initiatives to really empower ourselves to be the best.”

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