• How To Be A Winning Woman In STEM

  • 25th September 2017

  • A female who has advanced in STEM is worth celebrating. As a woman in STEM, how do you stay winning? Check out some few tips that will always put you on top of your game:

    Engage in activities outside of the class always. Do not focus in what is been taught only.
    Know what you want to do.  Instead of hopping about from one thing to the other, rather set your goals and have a plan. Close your eyes to anything that does not take you closer to your goals.
    Network and attend events. Get to know people and see what others are also doing in line with your interest. This really helps to boost your own confidence. It also gives you a cause to never give up since testimonies of
    successful people are not only heard but seen as well. Also have an idea or brief overview of any event before attending as you never know who is going to talk to you before the start of the event – this can be a breakthrough for you! When at such events, do well to interact with people and build valuable networks.

    Read and do a lot of research. Do not be too quick to ask.
    ● Get role models that you look up to.  You should always get someone you look up to, a confider outside of home and someone who can trust your success. Even before a role model, you should have a secret admirer whose works really inspires your actions. But do not miss your identity under the guidance of your mentor and never forget we are all different. Remember she’s helping you bring the best in you with the exemplary example of her path.
    Get on track. Technology we all know is moving at a faster pace and being in STEM makes it difficult. Never go to bed without touching on your interest. Sit down and do what you are good at, get time for your study and know the trends moving along with it.
    ● Never give excuses. Cramps can get bad at times but that shouldn’t stop you from being your best. Exercise your body and generally have a healthy lifestyle.
    Push on. It is not easy at the start but push on. Whatever you keep practicing becomes a habit. You are your best encouragement. Never be discouraged by the comments and critics of others. Finally, never forget to say a word of prayer about your plans always.

    ~ These were the lessons Stephanie learnt at Women in STEM organised by Innovate Ghana in collaboration with the University Of Ghana Engineering School.

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