• Innovation Prize For Africa

  • 28th August 2017

  • The Innovation Prize For Africa (IPA) was initiated to support African innovators by unlocking their potential and catalyzing the African innovation spirit, promoting home-grown solutions to Africa’s prosperity.

    Our ladies were excited about the opportunity to participate in the IPA that took place at Movenpick Hotel, Accra. Aside mind-blowing round table discussions, inspiring women innovators’ talk and exhibitions, this was also a great opportunity for them to network with like minded game changers.

    Read what some of our ladies had to say about the event:

    ” The teledokta, the trictor and the science set are few of the inventions that were exhibited at the Innovation Prize for Africa 2017. Though I tried to pay attention to the fancy inventions on display my mind was drawn to the other thing that was on display. Innovation. Innovation with an African identity. Innovation that was conceived in the wombs of young African minds and nurtured to become a reality. Such an innovation filled me with hope. Hope that my continent has a dazzling future.”

    ~ Nessa

    “The 2017 innovation prize for Africa is one of the most overwhelming events I’ve been to. Listening to how great African leaders addressed certain pressing issues that is gradually bringing down the economy of Africa as a whole and ways to which each of us, both individually and the government could help reduce or better still solve such problems gave me a tremendous relieve that with these great minds, African countries could improve!

    Putting aside the discussions, there was an exhibition period that gave the crafty exhibitors the chance to display their wonderful invention. Some of these exhibitors by name are Prof.Dr.Aly El-Shafei of The condition monitoring company, Kojo Afedzi Hayford of Eservices, Nzola Swasisa of The Ascoderu Lokole Project and Leroy K. Wadie of Mhoseenu. With all of these inventions and I personally perceived even though I’ve just mentioned a few, I’m highly convinced that in just a few years to come African countries would improve drastically in all lacking aspects if we individually and the government as a whole, do what needs to be done.”

    ~ MarvieĀ 

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