• Is My Phobia For People Gone?

  • 15th January 2018

  • Going to Legacy Girls was going to be a ‘breakthrough’ for me personally as I had a phobia of leading others even if it was for a second.

    We arrived at Legacy Girls’ College ahead of time as we’re a time conscious organization. The school was literally empty when we got there and that made me feel like “oh yeah, they’re not many so I can do this.” Then Jessica, our coordinator called the Principal of the school to let her know we had arrived. She was surprised we came that early.

    After discussing with her our plan the day, she gave us the go ahead and it was time for me to conquer my fear. My heart did skip a beat when we were standing in front of the students but after the introduction, I was ready for everything that came. The idea was to be around for a session only but I stayed for all three sessions because it was fun teaching the girls the knowledge I had of HTML and CSS.

    What actually made if fun was that, the girls were very cooperative and very good in grasping what was taught. For a moment, I didn’t want it to end but as the saying goes, ‘everything that has a beginning has an end’.
    We met with the girls later on in their hall to bid them farewell and it was so obvious they didn’t want us to leave either.

    Legacy Girls’ College had a very welcoming environment so relating to the students was very easy. I really do hope we get to do this again because I was happy to have made an impact in the lives of others.  I really look forward to going back there and many other schools.

    ~ Dita

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