• My QodeHub Internship Experience – Nora

  • 20th January 2019

  • Technology has always intrigued me, setting my thoughts in spirals of how’s and why’s. The opportunity to intern at QodeHub kept this fiery love and passion for technology burning.

    Working as an intern Front-end Developer with a company as this meant a lot to me. The experience was completely different from the norm of being asked to sit behind printers and running errands for the supervisor. I was given the chance to bring my skills to bear and more importantly, I had those skills polished and greatly improved. I was absolutely glad I had this internship at the end of it all.

    Assigned to an experienced and totally welcoming developer, he made sure I worked hard to see my goals for the period achieved. I was introduced to various tools to employ into my work to give it a professional and aesthetic finish. These tools also helped in seeing my goals materialize.

    Having various presentations on topics varying from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain and beyond, enlarged my scope and knowledge in technology, fueling my passion for technology. Sessions on choosing a career path and CV writing was the icing on the cake.

    The professionalism and personalities of people I worked with at QodeHub and the exquisite environment made waking up in the morning for work something I always looked forward to with excitement.

    All in all, it was an amazing experience to be exposed to professionals who have great passion for what they do and invested their time in me to make sure I left with values added to my skills. Associating with them for this rather short period was a typical depiction of quality over quantity.

    Oh yeah! QodeHub is the place to intern to improve on your software development skills. l’m super grateful to Developers in Vogue for connecting me to this internship opportunity.

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