Do you not know where to begin or where to start learning? Are you constantly watching video tutorials about a particular programming language then you stop and move on to another set of video tutorials once you hear about an ‘ish’ programming language? Do you have imposter syndrome (you feel like you cannot take on high level projects yet since you are not an ‘expert’ yet)? Then I am afraid you will continue to be stuck in this never-ending cycle until you decide to give up. Remember, to achieve something big, you have to take the first step. I know everyone has different ways or methods in learning something. But the question is, once you are done reading that book on ‘Python’, What next? If you sincerely want to be good at something, practice makes one perfect.

My advice for you is that the best and perfect way to learn a language, is to think of a problem you would like to solve. This approach has been the ‘go-to approach’ since most of the programming languages were created because of various problems the creators of the languages wanted to solve. It could be anything you think could be solved by using an application. It should not necessarily be a novel idea. Maybe you would like to automate some tasks in your daily life.

The second step is to decide which programming language to use. This involves a little bit of research as every programming language has its main purpose. Like some are best when designing mobile apps only like java and some a best for web applications like python. Once you find out the best language that best suite the task at hand go forward to planning where to start. You will see that once you start, you will realize that not all parts of the programming language are covered in tutorials and these parts are pretty important ones. Remember not every single part of a programming language can be covered in a single tutorial. Even those uploading these tutorials are also still learning.

Additionally, your knowledge about the programming language will be limited to only areas covered in these tutorials. Once you start a project, you might even discover certain aspects of the programming language that has even been yet to uncover just by undertaking the project. You might get stuck along the way but do not be shy to seek help. Your problem might have already been encountered by another person and the solution might probably be online. Spend time on websites like stack overflow to see if there is a solution and if not, you can always ask and trust me, someone will always answer.

The nicest part about being a programmer is that you will always find help. Top notch programmers are always willing to help and are not selfish at all. They even desire for you to be just like them and even better so you could solve complex problems together with them to help make the world a better place. I have said enough, and the ball now lies in your court. The question left to answer is are you willing to devote your time and attention to starting a project or you are waiting to be employed first so you start something in order to earn some little cash. Remember those hiring always require people with experience even if they have not worked in a company before but at least have created some personal projects of their own.