The Developers in Vogue Community is not your average tech community. We believe that coding should be fun, practical and overly ‘awesomelicious’. Being a part of our community means you are ready to be wowed with:

Practical And Project Oriented Curriculum

Who said coding must be boring? Our curriculum offers a practical approach to learning. Sessions are interactive and hands-on; making you see beyond the written lines of code.

Online And On-site Support

On-site sessions include critical thinking, profiling of African tech innovators, soft skills training, and of course – coding! This is supplemented by online activities via our online learning platform and tutor support.

One-on-One Mentorship

Mentorship is a priority for us hence you are matched with an industry expert who would offer guidance on further education and career paths. Your mentor will also share tons of resources that will be relevant to your personal and professional development.

Pair Programming

During pair programming, two ladies share a workstation. Pair programming is believed to increase code quality as there is better diffusion of knowledge and skills. Therefore, creates a learning environment where ladies can code, connect and collaborate.

Community Service Project

We are passionate about how our codes translate into solving problems in our community, hence community service is very important to us. Each cohort is tasked to identify problems in their communities and come up with innovative solutions using technology.

Job Opportunities

Our goal is not to abandon you after training. We are very much concerned about you applying the skills by making job opportunities available to you. This can either be through freelancing, internships or full-time jobs.


We value the members in our community and are always on the lookout for opportunities to amplify them. With our connections with various local and international organizations, you can be assured of getting the exposure they need.


Sisters support each other. Sisters inspire each other. Sisters challenge each other. We believe in the sisterhood code and welcome you on board. Guess what? We’re always rooting for you!