Data Science Meetups:

Join our Data Science community to get access to resources and opportunities to enable you take up a career in Data Science. Apart from our quarterly meetups that focused on topics like Data Storytelling, Digital Security, Python Programming and others, we have an active Slack workspace where you can get connected to other Data Science enthusiasts.

DataCamp even awarded 70 members from our community with scholarships!

Graduate Training Program

Are you a young woman who is graduating from University this year and wants to build a career as a software developer?

Sign up for the opportunity to have your national service as a software developer in our partner tech companies in Ghana.

Get Mentorship, Visibility, a Supportive Community and many life changing opportunities!

Student Internship Program

Are you a female student in any of the universities in Ghana?

Developers in Vogue’s Student Internship Program is a 2-month program designed to find, grow and develop the skills and knowledge of young women who are interested in building a career in software development.

Interested in an internship where you work on real projects, build your portfolio and potentially get a full-time offer after you have graduated from school? This opportunity is for you!

Campus Ambassadors

As our Campus Ambassador, you will promote the work of DiV on your campus through various available platforms (physically and online), work with the student leadership to increase the awareness of DiV on your campus and support in organizing DiV events, recruitment activities and content creation on your campus.

This volunteer role will require about 5 hours of commitment per month.

DIVA Festival

Looking for an event that celebrates African women in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship? This is it!

At our DIVA Festival, you will meet tech influencers, network, attend various masterclasses and workshops, gain more insights about the tech ecosystem, be exposed to job opportunities, get access to industry experts and most importantly, have fun!

DevLeague/ MelaninCode

If you are currently a University student, we have a bootcamp tailored just for you! MelaninCode are 1-day bootcamps and DevLeague are 3-day bootcamps on your campuses to introduce you to coding and subsequently, extend to you an offer to join the DiV community through our full-time bootcamps or online fellowship.

Register for a DevLegue/MelaninCode on your campus this semester.

Introduce A Girl to STEM

We organize programs in basic schools and high schools to introduce the girls to opportunities in tech. Program activities typically include panel discussions with industry experts, mentorship sessions, group activities, presentations and workshops.

The goal is to set up coding clubs in the schools after the program and continually provide the schools with the support they require to run the clubs effectively.