• Our Partnership With BlueCrest College

  • 28th June 2017

  • On 1st June,2017, an initiative that seeks to train young African women in the latest technologies and

    prepare them for the future of work was launched in an ultra-modern lecture room at Blue Crest College.

    BlueCrest College is accredited by National Accreditation Board of Ghana as a Private Tertiary Institution. BlueCrest College is very popular among prospective applicants because of the diverse nature of programmes offered to students. The College has an innovative and flexible approach towards academic instructions that incorporates multiple programme paths to suit their future aspirations. Though all programmes are directed at training students to become seasoned in their chosen field, they are also developed to promote self-employment as successful entrepreneurs and provide employment opportunities to the youth.

    During the launch of the Developers In Vogue Boot Camp, Professor Sunil Roy, the Rector of the College, and the only male speaker expressed so much excitement about Developers In Vogue, and encouraged all participating ladies to make very good use of this golden opportunity. Mrs.Eva Shalin, Associate Dean spoke extensively on Character, Confidence and Competence; and how they can make or unmake a person.

    “Helpers are not weaklings. In actual fact, the support system should be strong. If a person carrying a bucket of water is about falling, you will have to support both the bucket of water and the person carrying it. Women were created as helpers, but that does not make them weaklings…”. These were some of the words of inspiration from Mrs.Theresa Sackey, the Executive Vice-President of“e-toys & more” and the Guest Speaker for the occasion. Further in her speech, she emphasized the lack of women in the field of technology; and the need to increase their representation to help make difference.

    BlueCrest College will serve as the venue for the Developers In Vogue Coding BootCamp. The institution is ready to go all lengths to make sure the programme is a success. As an organization, we are very excited about this partnership with BlueCrest College and look forward to achieving a lot together.

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